Party DJ hire and reasonable priced mobile discos in Essex for all occasions inc weddings birthdays and special occasions.
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Mobile DJs in Essex
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Mobile Disco Hire in Essex is the perfect entertainment solution for most party's and we have the professional experience in all kinds of events. Pro Mobile Disco have provide great value and reliable mobile DJ hire for over 25 years for special occasion’s Including Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Christmas, School Discos, Retro Party night or any special occasion.

Party DJ's in Essex

Having a great mobile disco set up is important and these days its essential the equipment is PAT checked and insured but its a party so music is the main thing. Playing great music is what will make it a night to remember. Many people do not realise that what we consider to be great music will often not work that well in a party. For example, lots of people like classical music or opera but few people would want to listen to Y.M.C.A on their ipod. In a party situation however playing a cheesy tune like YMCA at the right time can have a great party effect. That doesn't mean a tune like this will have a positive effect every time, in fact it will often fall as flat as a pancake. Timing and balance is everything if this record or other similar tunes are played at the wrong time or out of context it could destroy the party atmosphere.

If its a party of mixed ages it's not always possible to please all the people all the time. However its fortunate that in a party situation most people will go with the flow, and give themselves over to a collective feeling of goodwill. Our DJ will select a music mix that helps build the atmosphere to a point when everyone joins in with the dance floor fun and sometimes party dances that nobody normally listens to get played.


Essex Weddings DJ's

One of the most difficult parties for a DJ to play at are weddings but these celebrations are always great fun. The DJ will need lots of experience in all kinds of social occasions but most importantly family parties. Wedding celebrations normally include an audience of the widest age range so an experienced wedding DJ will know what new music will not offend the older generations and when to play the chart hits of the past. Generally it's a mistake for the DJ to play music for the youngsters and then add few tunes from yester-year, in the hope the older generation will join in. A good wedding DJ will aim for a music mix that everyone will enjoy. Often its gran and the gran kids that get the party started, but with the right music mix it wont take long for everyone to join in the dance floor fun.

Mobile Discos 4 Engagements Parties

This is when the two families will often meet for the first time. so it's best for the Engagement Party DJ to play it low key to start with. This allows time for introductions and some quality get to know the future in laws time. Normally families arrive first with friends arriving a bit later having all met up at the pub first.

Birthday Party DJ's In Essex

A Birthday party is always a great reason to gather all your friends around so they can show how much they love you and for to show them just how wonderful you are. You have waited a whole year for your birthday so its time to celebrate. If your 1 or 101 Pro Mobile Disco can provide experienced professional Birthday Party DJ at great hire rates.

Anniversaries Party Mobile Discos

They say if a do's worth doing it's worth doing well. You have been together all this time, so you deserve a bit of a knees up to celebrate. Unlike at the Wedding or Engagement party, by now everyone knows each other well and this makes a more informal occasion. A good anniversary party DJ will read the crowd and select a music mix to make everyone relax and get ready to party. However to begin with you need time to chat and catch up with friends and family. When the dancing starts an anniversary party can be the best type of family party.

What ever type of party you are planning, only by hiring an experienced and versatile DJ with a professional mobile disco system, will you ensure your special occasion will be the unforgettable celebration you would wish for. We provide our mobile Disco service at very competitive rates and treat all our engagements with the care and commitment they deserve. For more information visit the Pro Mobile Disco Home page

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Pro Mobile Disco provides quality Mobile Discos and DJs for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and Christmas parties. We supply reasonably priced Mobile Disco entertainment for all kinds of social celebrations and special occasions inc 70’s Discos and 80’s party's, Retro Music Theme nights and Black-tie functions. Pro Mobile Disco will Provide reliable Mobile Discos in Essex and a DJ hire service that's always worth the money.